Guided Imagery

Envisioning a certain goal to help cope with health problems. — This technique concentrates on using images or symbols to train the mind to create a definitive physiological or psychological effect. Practitioners may teach clients how to relieve physical problems caused by stress, such as tension headaches. The technique has also been effectively used in some cancer treatment programs for pain management.

is usually incorporated as part of meditation or hypnotherapy. Affirmative images, words and symbols are conjured and held in the mind to promote physical, emotional, spiritual well-being. Guided Imagery can also be used to develop self-confidence in realizing a business or athletic goal.

A technique used to help someone focus on various images and pleasant experiences to relieve anxiety, promote relaxation, and provide diversion during painful procedures.
Guided imagery is an ancient form of meditation that uses the imagination (images and pictures we experience through any of our sensory perception) to reconnect to their inner resources for healing. This process, often guided by a practitioner or audio tape, can help boost the immune system, promotes a reduction in anxiety and pain, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

This relaxation and stress-reduction technique uses positive thoughts and images to relieve pain, slow the heart rate, and stimulate the body|s healing responses.
Physical problems can sometimes be alleviated by using the mind to concentrate on images and symbols. Stress related headaches and even cancer pain can be effectively managed as practitioners guide patients in order to create the desired physiological or psychological effect.

A technique of relaxation and pain control in which a person conjures up a picture that is held in mind during a painful or stressful experience.