Aromatherapy is one of the best known complementary therapies, but its true therapeutic power isn’t immediately obvious; when used with care Aromatherapy can provide a powerful boost to body and mind, employing the healing properties of essential oils on the physique, with a subtle but equally powerful effect on the mind.

Our sense of smell has the ability to bypass the conscious mind, connecting directly to the seat of our emotional behavior via the Olfactory nerves. Most people have experienced the sudden surge of long forgotten memories triggered by a fragrance – this powerful effect on mood is in turn communicated to us physically.

Several thousand essential oils are used in modern Aromatherapy, most of which are extracted from trees,shrubs, flowers, herbs and spices. We sell a selection of the most popular and versatile essential oils; rather than offer a large range of pre-blended oils we encourage our customers to experiment for themselves with these selected oils.